3D-models creation

To date, 3D graphics have firmly entered our daily life, are actively developing and improving, becoming more and more in demand and providing tremendous opportunities for creating video, animation, computer games, interior designs, and architectural projects. 3D modeling allows you to study an object, evaluate its ergonomics and choose a design for creating a 3D model.

3D visualization is computer graphics that combines a set of techniques and tools necessary to create three-dimensional objects in three-dimensional space.

The main areas of activity of companies that use 3D modeling:
• video production,
• animation,
• computer games,
• education,
• furniture,
• interior,
• shoes,
• clothes,
• jewelry making,
• architecture,
• industry.

The creation of a 3D model of any object begins with its image in its usual form. And only then, the future 3D object is modeled: it is given volume and shape from all sides, which makes it real. Animation is used to animate the object.

The development of 3D models takes place in several stages:
• preparation of technical specifications – the customer’s wishes;
• creation of three-dimensional geometry of the model – the creation of polygons and other things;
• creating a scene – the environment around the object;
• texturing – selection of materials for creating textures;
• lighting setup – setting light and observation points;
• rendering – converting a three-dimensional model into a 2D image;
• animation – animation of the model.

High-quality 3D visualization requires any source materials that allow you to define the three-dimensional shape of the object. It can be either a drawing, a drawing, a sketch, a photograph of an object from various angles, or a textual description of an object, or the object itself. You also need information about textures, details and other features of the subject of visualization from different angles.

Benefits of 3D visualization of an object:
• 360° rotation;
• volumetric;
• attractiveness;
• realism;
• animation.

Studio “AEstAR” finds an individual approach to each client and creates high-quality realistic 3D models of objects to order, paying attention to all the details.

Using 3D models: 3D models for websites, 3D models for applications, 3D models for augmented reality, 3D models for animation, video.

The cost of a 3D model depends on the complexity of the object (geometry and shape), the number of small elements, and the degree of detail. Find out the cost of creating a 3D model of your object.