Video creation

Business promotion is a difficult task because it is now very difficult to stand out and engage the client, outstripping the competition. The most popular and effective advertising is an animated video clip, with which you can promote absolutely any product or service, since video advertising is absorbed better than just text or audio recording, thanks to the simultaneous effect on vision and hearing, which easily rivets the viewer and prints in the memory of the conveyed information.

Studio “AEstAR” will offer the best solutions for your tasks when creating animated videos with the participation of unique animated 2D or 3D models, in the role of which can be people, animals and any other objects that can talk and move in any direction.

Animated videos can perform the following tasks:
• inform
• present
• sell
• educate

We create various animations: selling video animation, advertising video animation, video infographics, video instructions, 2D and 3D animation, doodle videos, video presentation, explanatory animations, animated presentations, realistic animation for games, animation for creating cartoons.

An animated video is a rather popular type of advertising, it attracts with its low price, due to the absence of the need to pay for a studio, rent equipment and props, hire actors, or script restrictions. Animated video is the best solution when there is simply nothing to shoot or you need to display something that does not exist.

Before starting to create animation, the company’s activities are subjected to a comprehensive analysis in order to determine the target audience and create a video that best conveys the necessary information. To do this, the purpose of the video, the way of presenting thoughts, the number of characters, the font and other nuances are determined, which are clarified in the process.

Development of animation videos includes:
• formulation of the problem;
• definition of the target audience;
• development of a detailed scenario;
• selection of style;
• storyboarding scenes;
• development and rendering of objects, characters and backgrounds;
• animation of characters and objects with animation;
• voice-over and musical arrangement;
• creation of an animation video.

At each stage, you will be asked to evaluate the work, make corrections if necessary, and approve the fundamental points.

An animated video is an interesting and entertaining approach to attracting attention and making an impression on any person. Studio “AEstAR” creates animated video clips of any complexity that will stand out against the background of standard advertising. All animated videos are developed in accordance with modern requirements, which are irreplaceable when it is necessary to create vivid emotions and be remembered by the viewer.