AR advertising creation

In modern cities, many billboards and screens compete for consumer attention. And in order to keep their eyes on this ad, a WOW effect must occur, which augmented reality brings to create an attractive outdoor ad format. AR is able to bring any billboard to life, make it interactive and memorable, since in a highly competitive market, increased requirements are imposed on advertising. It should increase brand awareness, be creative and informative at the same time. Advertising using AR technology is suitable for different categories of advertisers.

Augmented reality is a powerful marketing tool and serves to reinforce traditional ad formats. A billboard, sign or storefront, thanks to the marker technology of using AR, have become interactive surfaces on which the product is presented in augmented reality, which allows consumers to engage in the process of interacting with the product. The possibilities of using AR in advertising are almost limitless and depend on the client’s imagination. To attract the attention of consumers in any area of ​​business, it is enough to apply a creative approach, diversifying advertising using augmented reality:

  • see the selected car in augmented reality, examine it from all sides, examine the interior to the smallest detail;
  • place furniture in the interior using augmented reality;
  • try on clothes in augmented reality;
  • try on shoes in augmented reality;
  • navigate the shopping center using augmented reality;
  • magazines with the ability to view videos in them in augmented reality;
  • augmented reality business cards;
  • a food label using augmented reality can turn into a virtual recipe book with this product, and also gives an opportunity to see the process of its production;
  • product packaging with additional information in the form of video, animation or games using augmented reality;
  • launching a game in augmented reality;
  • buy goods and get cards to see cartoon characters on them in augmented reality;
  • restaurant menu in augmented reality with the ability to see the appearance of dishes;
  • books in augmented reality with visualization of plot scenes;
  • screen with augmented reality at transport stops;
  • try on a wristwatch in augmented reality;
  • try on jewelry in augmented reality;
  • augmented reality guide to the museum.


Advertising in augmented reality will become special for consumers because it will bring them unforgettable emotions and impressions, make the brand memorable and make people talk about it.

Benefits of using AR in advertising:

  • personalization of the trade offer;
  • informing the audience;
  • creating a WOW effect;
  • audience entertainment;
  • increasing brand awareness;
  • increasing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns;
  • increased traffic to the site;
  • increase in sales.


The use of AR technology in advertising increases the interest of users and arouses the desire to purchase the advertised product or service. Studio “AEstAR” will create an original AR-advertisement in a browser or in an AR-application for your business, which will allow you to experience all the benefits of using augmented reality in advertising.