Augmented reality in business

The use of augmented reality is one of the modern tools for effective business promotion. The gap between the real and virtual world reduces the effectiveness of perception. AR technology bridges this gap by superimposing virtual objects and information on the real space of the surrounding world. Augmented reality allows you to test a product before buying it and make an easily perceived visual presentation anywhere, show an object from all sides and make the entire perception process interactive.

The decision to apply augmented reality in business will make it possible to provide customers with access to viewing the product in AR mode through a mobile application or simply on the website, which will greatly simplify access and increase the likelihood of interacting with the product. Augmented reality technology will help your business increase customer interactions with the company’s product, as well as shape its image.

Areas of application of augmented reality:

  • business in printing – visualization of book characters in AR;
  • furniture business – visualization of furniture in AR;
  • restaurant business – visualization of dishes in AR;
  • shoe business – trying on shoes in AR;
  • business selling wristwatches – trying on watches in AR;
  • glasses selling business – trying on glasses in AR;
  • headwear business – headwear fitting in AR;
  • jewelry business – jewelry fitting in AR;
  • construction business – visualization of buildings in AR;
  • design and architectural business – visualization of interiors in AR;
  • business selling interior items – visualization of interior items in AR;
  • home appliances business – visualization of home appliances in AR;
  • marketing and advertising – presenting your products in AR;
  • production – personnel training with visualization of the equipment operation process in AR;
  • entertainment – AR games;
  • education – the study of disciplines with visualization of examples in AR.


Products in augmented reality on your website will easily involve customers in the interaction process, offer new experiences, increase sales and brand attractiveness. Studio “AEstAR” has developed ideas for the development of any type of business, we are ready to consider your project and offer services for the individual development of augmented reality.