Implementing AR on the site

AR technology is an optical tracking system that, using a smartphone camera, recognizes objects in the real world and combines them with virtual ones, creating a world of augmented reality. The introduction of AR technology on the site makes it possible to see products in augmented reality (for iOS and Android) or in 3D (for PC), increase brand awareness, attract new customers, involve customers in interaction with the product, informative presentation of products, and increase sales.

Types of AR technologies:

Marker AR technology
The smartphone’s camera finds a marker (an image encoded into the system), which is used to anchor and position the 3D model in space.
Markerless AR technology
The smartphone camera recognizes the surrounding space and finds reference points by which they determine the exact place to which the virtual 3D model will be positioned.
AR technology based on GPS
GPS, gyroscope and compass data built into the smartphone are used to determine the location of an object. When the coordinates of the user coincide with the coordinates of the object through the smartphone camera, the augmented reality mode is activated.

Ways to implement augmented reality on the site: WebAR and AR-application. The level of public awareness of augmented reality is 65% (from 16 to 44 years old), 45% of online shoppers prefer to make purchases on sites with the ability to view products in augmented reality.

How augmented reality works on a smartphone:
1) scanning the real space with the camera and translating it into virtual;
2) combining a virtual 3D model and real space;
3) visualization of the added virtual 3D model into the created real space;
4) determination of the three-dimensional position and distance to surrounding objects and surfaces;
5) focusing on the selected surface;
6) blurring part of the environment;
7) processing and displaying a 3D model on a smartphone screen.

The main reasons why augmented reality may not work: too bright or poor lighting; one-color plane for positioning a 3D model; lack of a gyroscope or accelerometer in a smartphone; work only on modern devices with ARCore / ARKit.

Studio “AEstAR” creates 3D models of various objects and demonstrates them in augmented reality on clients’ sites. To implement AR technology, you do not need to create a new website, and adding products for display in AR takes just 2 clicks. You will be able to follow the analytics of the use of augmented reality on the site, and feel all the benefits from its implementation.

The cost of developing augmented reality in a browser (WebAR) – from $ 600

The cost of developing augmented reality in an application (AR-application) – from $ 3000

The cost of developing a 3D model – from $ 60

AR work on different devices

AR viewing on smartphones and tablets

3D viewing on PC