AR books

Augmented reality in books combines real space with virtual elements using AR technology, which can literally bring the characters of the book to life.

Children’s books with augmented reality attract the attention and interest of the child, keeping him busy for several hours. 3D books with reality come to life increase overall development and give a better idea of ​​the real world, filling it with interactive elements, and are also good helpers for parents in teaching and raising children.

The benefits of AR in children’s books are:

increasing children’s interest in books
see and hear episodes with the heroes of the book
the ability to interact with the characters in the book

To see the characters of the book in augmented reality, you need to direct the smartphone camera to the “marker” on its page, and the heroes of the book will come to life on the screen, making sounds and performing certain actions described in the scene.

Presentation of the possibilities of augmented reality in books

Augmented reality books are not only entertaining, but also allow you to interactively depict its content, visualize information and enhance the educational effect. AR books will engage children in an unusual reading experience with additional opportunities that will motivate them to open the book again.