AR furniture

Augmented reality is progressively evolving, penetrating more and more into all spheres of life, and is also a valuable marketing tool that brings desired results to companies in many areas of activity. Today, the furniture business offers its customers a new shopping experience – using AR technology, which implies placing 3D models of furniture in the interior, which will help to quickly determine its choice. Everyone wants to see a change in the interior with new furniture to get inspired to buy it. But in order to be sure of buying furniture, you first need to carefully consider it from all sides, but not the entire range is presented in the store and visiting it is not always possible. Virtual relocation of the showroom to each home will expand coverage and remove geographic restrictions for potential buyers.

The development of such a function is possible through an AR application or WebAR (augmented reality in a browser), which allows you to see how a sofa, curbstone, wardrobe, table, chair, armchair, bed will look like in augmented reality, as well as rotate and arrange this furniture in the room so that it fits the design and the buyer makes the right choice before buying. It is also possible to scale the furniture with high accuracy in accordance with the size of the room, so you can check the size of the selected furniture. Now the arrangement of furniture becomes an interesting and exciting experience thanks to augmented reality.

The introduction of AR technology into the furniture business will benefit the furniture manufacturer and distributor, as well as interest potential customers and interior designers.

Benefits of implementing AR for a furniture seller:

  • marketing opportunities to gain a competitive advantage;
  • online shoppers prefer to shop on sites with AR functionality;
  • confidence and speed of the buyer when making a purchase decision;
  • online shoppers are more likely to make purchases if AR technology is available;
  • viewing furniture at the correct scale;
  • online shoppers are willing to pay more if they can view in AR;
  • decrease in the number of returns;
  • online shoppers purchase items they didn’t plan on thanks to AR mode;
  • increased customer satisfaction;
  • increase in sales.

Advantages of AR implementation for a furniture buyer:

  • look at furniture from all sides;
  • choose the style you want;
  • choose the desired color or pattern;
  • see the size of the furniture in the room;
  • move furniture around the room;
  • see furniture in the interior;
  • search for ideas for design;
  • increased confidence in the purchase;
  • share photos of design options.

Augmented reality gives you the opportunity to view furniture before buying it in your home interior, which is equally beneficial for manufacturers and buyers who will make faster and more confident buying decisions. Studio “AEstAR” is engaged in the development and implementation of AR in the furniture business for the convenience of buyers and the financial efficiency of sellers’ investments.