AR jewelry

One of the most promising tools for promoting the jewelry business on the Internet is AR technology, which allows you to interact with jewelry, trying them on in augmented reality. On the smartphone screen, you can see what a real piece of jewelry will look like, getting a vivid idea of ​​how it will look on your finger, wrist, ear or neck. You can also take a selfie while trying on a decoration in AR mode, and share on social networks for tips from friends.

Visit a virtual store to try on and view jewelry in augmented reality.

Before making the jewelry you like (a photo of which was found on the Internet, in a magazine or a history book), it is better to create its 3D model for viewing in augmented reality through a browser. We develop various three-dimensional models of jewelry: rings, rings, earrings, beads, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, for the creation of which you need their photos from different angles to get an exact match of the product.

Trying on jewelry in augmented reality

Studio “AEstAR” creates 3D models of any jewelry, from simple to exclusive with complex elements, the cost of which depends on their detail. Show off your personality by designing an augmented reality jewelry fitting app.