AR production

The industry shows a great increase in innovative technologies in the production process and in the work with equipment. Improving the efficiency of internal processes provides a significant competitive advantage. In any enterprise, all operations are carried out according to the instructions and the human factor becomes the cause of the accident in most cases. Any mistake can lead to financial losses and production stoppages, as well as harm to health. The introduction of augmented reality into the workflow helps to solve these problems, allowing you to simulate any situation and provide the necessary information to reduce errors and irrational decisions. Timely application of AR technology will allow employees to become more efficient and smarter, to act faster and more accurately, which will increase their productivity.

The decision to use augmented reality applications in industry is the new reality of manufacturing. All information is displayed on the smartphone in the form of visual 3D-animation, video or image, which will reduce the time for studying work instructions. AR-hardware repair manual will help you connect the parts according to the prompts and install them correctly. You can also interact with 3D models of training equipment, allowing you to see the inside of the device and become familiar with its parts and functionality.

Augmented reality can be applied at different stages of production to solve any issue. The use of AR technology in industry:

AR in personnel training – visual instructions for personnel, as well as effective preparation, simulation and testing of various high-risk situations with the possibility of repeating potentially dangerous scenarios in order to avoid industrial injuries, increase safety and damage equipment.
AR in design – visualization of creative solutions for creating product design.
AR in Product Assembly – step-by-step guidance that allows the employee to see the installation and connection sequence to speed up the assembly process and reduce the risk of making a mistake.
AR instructions in equipment maintenance and repair are sequential instructions for checking equipment, which shows the sequence of diagnosing and correcting any malfunctions and what tools are required for this.
AR in logistics – navigation through an enterprise or warehouse, which will allow you to solve logistics problems, identify hazardous production areas, and also help in the picking process by displaying information about the location of the product in the warehouse.

The use of AR solutions in production provides the following advantages: increasing the efficiency of logistics processes, the efficiency of employee training, reducing the number of errors, reducing product rejects, reducing the cycle time, ensuring labor safety, reducing costs, increasing labor productivity, and increasing competitive advantage.

The industry has become the industry that makes the most effective use of augmented reality technology, which helps to optimize processes to increase the level of education and safety of employees, reduce costs and increase the profit of a manufacturing enterprise. Studio “AEstAR” develops AR applications with augmented reality for the efficient operation of industrial companies.