The menu in a cafe, bar or restaurant is the first thing that any visitor pays attention to. And beautiful photographs of food in it can awaken the feeling of hunger even in a well-fed person. Many people order unfamiliar dishes just because in the picture on the menu it looks very appetizing.

But the paper menu format has some limitations that AR menu with augmented reality lacks. Thanks to this menu, any visitor to your restaurant, cafe or bar can see 3D-models of each dish in full size, twist them from all sides, find out the composition, weight, calorie content and drinks recommended for consumption along with it, information about which simply would not fit to the regular menu. Also, if the restaurateur wishes, you can even see the cooking process.

To view the AR menu, you just need to select a dish, press the “View in AR” button and point your smartphone camera at the table to see a delicious dish that prompts you to place an order.

With the help of AR-menu in augmented reality, which will be interesting to all guests, you will be able to distinguish your restaurant, bar or cafe against the background of the same type of competitors.