AR construction

The use of augmented reality has also become relevant for the construction business: layout of premises, design of buildings and their architectural appearance. AR technology allows you to visualize a 3D model of a future structure with all the details right at the proposed construction site, walk through virtual rooms, and evaluate the final result of construction with all design features.

To attract the attention of clients, construction companies demonstrate a virtual object of future construction in the real world using augmented reality right in the browser, so that you can visually assess the layout of the apartment and the landscape outside the window. And using the app with augmented reality will also allow you to arrange furniture, visualize the surrounding streets with cars, change the weather and time of day. The effectiveness of such an AR solution in construction lies in the convenience of choosing an apartment, house or office, allowing potential clients to interact with the property without even spending time meeting with realtors, which will further interest in buying.

AR in construction allows developers to gain attention to maintain customer engagement and increase sales through effective marketing. Studio “AEstAR” develops AR-applications and WebAR (augmented reality in the browser) for construction companies.