AR interior

The interior design of houses, apartments and commercial premises on an individual project is very popular nowadays. The cost of this service is high and the client wants to be sure that he will like the final result. For a better understanding of the future implementation of the project, designers use AR technology as a visualization tool to give the customer the opportunity to see the virtual design in real space. Changing interiors is a fun experience thanks to augmented reality, which allows you to experiment and create your own interiors.

To be inspired for change, customers first want to see a new interior before turning it into reality, and augmented reality technology makes it as accessible as possible. Inspiration for the search for creative ideas comes thanks to an augmented reality application that allows you to show the future interior as virtual three-dimensional objects located in real space. AR technology will allow you to navigate the room and evaluate the usable space used for possible changes in real time. The AR application allows you to immerse a person in a virtually created room, as it contains many interior items (paintings, vases, lamps), allows you to choose the appropriate color for walls and ceilings, select the texture and pattern of the floor, arrange furniture, and determine the size of the available space. The user interface expands the possibilities of interior modification and offers control of virtual 3D models for their optimal position, allowing you to see every detail. The use of AR in the interior is effective in creating designs and home furnishings to attract a wide audience. AR technology is also available directly in the browser (WebAR), without developing an AR application, but with some functional limitations.

High-quality visualization of the AR interior has become an important competitive advantage for design companies to attract more potential customers. The use of AR in the design business speaks of promising development and new trends in this area that are relevant today. Studio “AEstAR” offers solutions for interior designers – the development of applications with augmented reality that allow you to see the virtual project of the finished design in real space.